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Soukou no zen October 24th


Ishijyusansai and 24 Solar Terms…

Soukou・・・The time of year when the season is deep into fall and preparations for winter are being made. The days become shorter and the morning frost becoming more frequent.
As we ease into fall, you begin to see winter coming just around the corner. In this menu you will see more great tastes of autumn. The Soba is the main dish, but the eggplant, tomatoes, and green peppers are said to be at their prime in this season. Lets enjoy autumn before the winter really sets in!

All recipes make servings for four

Menu List

  • Soba with mushrooms and grated daikon

    Soba with mushrooms and grated daikon
    Soba noodles  Desired amount

    Shiitake mushrooms Optimal amount
Shimeji mushrooms Optimal amount

    Maitake mushrooms Optimal amount

    Mushrooms of your preference (Enoki, etc) Optimal amount


    Dashi 2ℓ(please see Shiratsugu Basics)
    Mirin 7 Tablespoons

    Soy sauce 3 Tablespoons

    Salt 1 Tablespoon

    Grated daikon Desired
Finely chopped green onions Desired Amount

    1. Add mushrooms to (A) then boil.

    2. Cook soba noodles then place in bowl. Add contents from step 1. Top with grated daikon and chopped green onions. Serve.
  • Simmered spicy chicken wings

    Simmered spicy chicken wings
    Chicken wings 8 Wings
Kinome (Leaf bud of Japanese pepper) Desired amount

    Takanotsume (Hawk claw peppers) 2 Peppers

    Sake Optimal amount
Dashi Optimal amount (please see Shiratsugu Basics)


    Sugar 5 Tablespoons

    Soy Sauce 3 Tablespoons+ 1 Teaspoon

    1. Place Chicken in pot, add enough Dashi and Sake in a 1:1 ratio to cover the chicken. Use a pressure pot and bring to a boil. Stop heat and let sit for 15 minutes.

    2. Take off lid, add Sugar and Soy sauce, then boil down. Once the chicken has been well coated with the Sugar and Soy sauce, serve in bowl and top with Kinome to finish
  • Drowned fried eggplant

    Drowned fried eggplant

    Eggplant 2 Eggplant

    Ohitashiji Optimal amount(please see Shiratsugu Basics)
    Katsuobushi (Tuna flakes) Optimal amount

    1. Make Grilled eggplant (See Grilled eggplant miso soup)

    2. Steep in ohitshiji for 2 to 3 hours
3. Put in bowl, top with Katsuobushi, serve.
  • Pickled tomatoes and red bell peppers

    Pickled tomatoes and red bell peppers

    Tomato 1 tomato

    Red bell pepper 1 pepper

    Tosazu vinegar Optimal amount
    1. Blanch tomato then peel
2. Remove stem and seeds from Red bell pepper, then blanch

    3. Marinate tomato and red bell pepper in Tosazu vinegar for half a day (at least 8 hours)

    4. Cut into desired size pieces then serve

  • Preview of the next Ichijyusansai

    Preview of the next Ichijyusansai
    Our next recipe is Ritto no zen November 8th

Winter is finally here. We have been watching the seasons pass through this Ichijyusansai series and its hard to believe how fast time flies. It gets easier to get sick as it gets colder, so we’ve made a recipe to keep you well nourished! 

    This time we have some pictures from the Ishidobashi Shiratsugu Japanese Sake event that we held in October.

For this event, we chose one Sake, then had each of the Shiratsugu staff compete by making one dish to decide who could prepare the best dish to go with the sake. The sake we chose for this memorable 1st time of this competition was “Niwano uguisu hiyaoroshi”.

    Competitor No. 1 TK-san “Raw ham & Pacific Saury wrap”


    Competitor No. 2 SH-san “Salted Anago(eel) steamed in Bamboo leaves, topped with persimmon vinegar”

    Competitor No. 3 SN-san “Chicken grilled with tomato miso”


    Competitor No. 4 YD-san “Fried Mackerel with Miso sauce”


    Competitor No. 5 RY-san “Three sacred treasures wrapped in beef”


    Competitor No. 6 KZ-san “Lightly roasted chicken breast”


    Competitor No. 7 KN-san “Green Onion Kinchyaku with Japanese style thick sauce & Oden Style Cheese Kinchaku” (kinchaku is a little pouch, or “purse”, made from deep-fried tofu)

    Competitor No. 8 R-san Nikujyaga (stewed beef and potatoes)


    Competitor No. 9 JO-san “Peppered cheese cookies”

    The winner was decided under strict secret ballot. The Champion was Competitor No. 1, TK-san!Congratulations!!!Each dish was delicious and had so much character! Such a learning experience.