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Ichijyusansai /

Boushu no zen Jun 6th


Ichijyusansai is made of rice, soup, and a main dish (consisting of one main vegetable and two other vegetables).The balance of this as a meal is good, and the nutritional values of are a great example of excellent Japanese cuisine.We will be introducing Shiratsugu style home cooking recipes based on Ichijyusansai and our seasonal theme, the “24 Solar Terms”

The 24 Solar Terms combined the lunisolar calendar and the seasons. This calendar originated in ancient China and was used in Japan until the 5th year of the Meiji era (1872).
The recipes and ingredients used are those in season and are prime! We hope that you find something new and fun in these home cooking recipes.

The time for planting seeds
When the plums turn from green to yellow as the rainy season approaches

Just the preparations for this Ozen course take more than a half a day! (But actually, most of the time spent is just for immersing or soaking the ingredients prior to cooking. The time taken proves better taste – it’s up to you how long you prepare the ingredients)

(Recipe for four people)

Menu List

  • Boiled spear squid accompanied with boiled komatsuna

    Boiled spear squid accompanied with boiled komatsuna
    Spear squid-2 the body of the squid about the size of your hand
    A : sugar-1 tbsp 1 tsp
    Soy sauce-1 tbsp 1 tsp

    Zarame Cane sugar-10 g
    Ginger needles- according to taste
    Kinome leaf buds of Japanese pepper tree - according to taste.
    1. Gut the spear squid, boil A and add squid. Simmer for 10 minutes.
    2. Take out squid from A, wrap with paper towel to avoid it from drying.
    3. Cool down A, when cooled, add simmered squid and marinade for 12 hours. (If you have no time, skip step 3. This is just a suggestion to add more flavor)
    4. Take 1/2 of A and add zarame sugar, boil away and turn off heat when it begins to candy.
    5. Cut squid, serve onto plate along with boiled komatsuna and ginger needles. Add Zarame candy sauce and garnish with Kinome leaf buds.

    we suggest 10 minutes to simmer the squid, but do not over cook at this point- over cooking will result in tough squid.

    The reason we suggest using only half of A in step 4 is to save cooking time.

    (How to gut the squid)

    1. Remove the legs and innards of the squid.

    2. Remove the cuttlebone from the squid

    3. Remove the ink bag from the squid (hold so the legs face down, gently hold the top of the ink bag, and slowly remove.

    4.remove unneeded innards. (Don't take too much for the yellow area surrounding the ink bag)

    5. Remove the eyes

    6. Remove the two long legs and the mouth

    discard all parts (4, 5, and 6)

    7. Rinse quickly - rinsing for too long will remove the good flavors

    8. Reinsert the innards and legs back into the body

    9. Use toothpicks to close the body

    (Ashirai accompany of the boiled komatsuna )

    Komatsuna - 1 bunch
    Soup base for boiled vegetables - accordingly(please see Shiratsugu Basics)

    1. Boil komatsuna quickly and cool in cold water
    2. Wring lightly to remove excess water and cut into 4-5m sizes.
    3. Immerse in soup base

    We suggest immersing for 2-3 hours for better taste.
  • Marinated and grilled Large head hair tail with Fushimi Pepper

    Marinated and grilled Large head hair tail with Fushimi Pepper
    Marinade sauce A
    Sake - 90 cc
    Water - 90 cc
    Mirin (sweet sake for seasoning) - 1.5 tbsp
    Thick Soy Sauce - 1.5 tbsp
    Spicy soy sauce - 2 tbsp

    Bag for marination (ie ziplock bag)
    Yuzu peels (cut off the white part of the peel as it is astringent)
    Dried bonito shavings
    1. Add ingredients for sauce A into pot. Boil and cool.
    2. When this is cooled, add yuzu peels. Put this sauce into bag, marinate fish for 12 hours (if you do not have time, that is ok. 12 hours is just a suggestion for optimum marination)
    3. Remove fish from bag, use paper towels to dry fish.
    4. Grill fish and serve on plate. Garnish with yuzu to complete.

    We suggest using a bag for easy marination.
    You can also use spanish mackerel, sea bass, or red snapper with the same marination time.

    (Fushimi Pepper grilled and served in sauce)

    Fushimi pepper - 4
    Stock for sauce- accordingly(please see Shiratsugu Basics)

    1.Make small incisions to peppers so the don't explode, then grill.
    2.When browned, marinate and put into stock sauce and serve

    An Ashirai is something that accompanies.
    It is not totally necessary, but it does add to the the seasonal variation of the dish and makes it look more appealing.
    Shishitou and Amanagatougarashi can be used as substitutes for Fushimi Peppers.
  • Deep fried tofu

    Deep fried tofu
    Firm Tofu - 4 pieces (the picture shows 1/8th of a cut to be one serving)
    starch - accordingly

    wase Stock soup for the tofu
    Stock soup - 100cc (please see Shiratsugu Basics)
    Soy sauce - 50 cc
    Mirin (sweet sake for seasoning) - 50cc
    Shredded seaweed - according to taste
    Grated daikon - according to taste
    Grated ginger - according to taste
    1. Cut firm tofu, dry by wrapping with clean towel.
    2. Coat with starch and deep fry at 180℃ until the outside is crisp
    3. Serve on plate in order of deep fried tofu, grated daikon, grated ginger. Add Awase stock for the
    tofu, and finish with seaweed garnish.

    The tofu does not have to be totally dried out, but a simple wipe down with a towel is sufficient.
    The Awase soup stock for the tofu is made of two parts soup stock, on part soy, and one part Mirin.
  • Barley Rice and Grated Yams

    Barley Rice and Grated Yams
    Barley Rice

    Rice (uncooked) - 150grams
    Rolled barley -50grams
    1. Rince rice, and add water accordingly.
    2. Add rolled barley and an extra 100cc of water. Cook to finish.
    We suggest one part rolled barley to two parts water.

    Grated Yams

    Natural yam potatoes
    Soup stock - same amount as yams
    Salt - according to preference
    Soy sauce - according to preference
    Dried seaweed

    1. Peel Yams, grate with mortar (a fine grater is ok to substitute)
    2. When you have enough grated yams, add the same amount in soup stock.
    3. Add salt and soy sauce, serve to bowl and garnish with seaweed.

    We suggest one part yams to one part soup stock
    The finer the grate used for grating, the better the mouthfeel.