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concept / menu

The five senses
to taste the pleasure

Hakata – where fresh food is plentiful
Choosing the best materials Those that capture the moment
The mellow aromas The changing colors between the seasons
The elaborate effort, meticulous and diligent
The five senses used To taste the pleasure.
And the moment that coincides
  • 料理写真
  • 料理写真
  • 料理写真
  • 店舗写真

  • 店舗写真

  • menu / lunch

    tastes that shine softly
    in the dancing lights


*Tax included in pricing

  • 店舗写真

  • 店舗写真

  • 店舗写真

  • menu / dinner

    Savor the sensibilities


  • *
  • *Please place your order at least one day in advance. ( ¥13,200 only )
  • *Let us know if you would like any changes in serving sizes. We may be able to accommodate.
    • 酒写真

    • 酒写真

  • menu / sake

    A good sake enjoys its seasons.

    Savor the seasons decorated on the elegant vessels