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Ritto no zen November 8th


Ishijyusansai and 24 Solar Terms…

Ritto・・・Winter starts from now until the day before Risshun. Now the northern provinces begin to get snow in their mountains.

According to the calendar, its already winter. Time really flies, doesn’t it? Our main recipe this time is mackerel simmered in miso. During the winter, for some reason simmered fish seems more appealing than grilled fish. Think of some simmered fatty mackerel.. just so appetizing. Our menu today is sure to make you hungry!

All recipes make servings for four.

Menu List

  • Mackerel simmered in miso

    Mackerel simmered in miso

    Mackerel 4 pieces

    Blended miso 100g (White miso 8:Red miso2)


    Sake 500cc

    Dashi 500cc(please see Shiratsugu Basics)

    Sugar 4 Tablespoons

    Soy Sauce 4 Teaspoons

    Kinu Tofu (Silken tofu) 4
White Onions 2 Onions

    Needle cut ginger Optimal amount

    Sliced ginger 6Slices

    1. Using a skimming spoon, dip mackerel into almost boiling (80℃ water), immediately immerse in ice water to cool, then use towel to wipe.
    2. Put mackerel, (A)and sliced ginger pieces into pot, use an Otoshibuta drop lid and bring to a boil. Continue boiling for 5 minutes then add sugar. Prepare blended miso in a bowl.
    3. After 3 more minutes, add soy sauce then begin to boil down. After boiling down half of the pot, add the white parts of the white onions.
    4. Once the onions are cooked, take some of the broth and use it to dissolve the blended miso in the bowl. Once dissolved, out the miso into the pot with the mackerel.
    5. After boiling down a bit more, add the tofu and green parts of the white onions, continue boiling down until it thickens. When finished, dish up and garnish with needle cut ginger. Serve.

    Cooking tips
    The recipe calls for blended miso, but you can use white miso only if you wish. the red miso does make it really tasty!
    In step 1 we dip the mackerel into hot water to remove the fishy smell. This one step makes such a difference.

  • Salmon roe marinated in soy sauce

    Salmon roe marinated in soy sauce
    Sujiko (salmon egg sac)  1/2 of an egg sac


    Water 250cc

    Sake 250cc

    Dark soy sauce 50cc
(Please see Salmon Roe Sushi)
    1. Place Shiso leaf (perilla) into dish, top with serving of salmon roe. Serve. 

  • Nameko mushrooms with grated daikon

    Nameko mushrooms with grated daikon
    Nameko mushrooms Optimal amount
Dashi Optimal amount(please see Shiratsugu Basics)

    Grated Daikon Optimal amount
    Citrus fruit (i.e. kabosu, sudachi, or lemon) Optimal amount

    1. Remove the hard tip of the mushrooms, blanch in boiled water (heat again until the water boils again).
    2. Cover nameko mushrooms with dashi. Boil, then cool.
    3. Add grated daikon, nameko mushrooms, and Citrus fruit of your choice into a dish. Serve.

    Serving tip
    Serve with soy sauce to flavor.

  • Matsutake mushroom clear soup

    Matsutake mushroom clear soup
    Tamago Dofu (Seasoned egg custard)

    Eggs 3 eggs

    Dashi 200cc(please see Shiratsugu Basics)

    Mirin seasoning sake 2 Teaspoons

    Soy sauce 1 Teaspoon

    Salt 1 Teaspoon

Matsutake mushrooms 2 Mushrooms
Matsuba Yuzu (Yuzu Citron peel cut into fine strips) Optimal amount

    New Zealand Spinach Optimal amount

Clear Soup(see Shimeji and Spinach in clear soup)
    1. Mix Tamago dofu ingredients, strain, then steam in steel tofu mold. Medium heat 10 to 15 minutes. After cooled, use round cookie cutter to make round pieces.
    2. Wipe stem of matsutake mushroom with paper towel, cut off the hard tip of stem, then slice into 5mm pieces.
3. Cook matsutake mushrooms in clear soup. Place Tamago tofu in bowl, then matsutake, then blanched New Zealand spinach. Top with fine strips of Yuzu Citron, then finally add enough Clear Soup (used to cook matsutake) to cover all ingredients. Serve.

    Cooking tip
    You can use other kinds of mushrooms to make this dish.

  • Mukago rice

    Mukago rice

    Mukago (Japanese yam propagule) 100g

    Rice 3 Cups
Mitsuba (japanese parsley) stems Optimal amount

    Konbu seaweed 5g

    1. Cut Mukago in half, then fry without bread and batter (to remove bitterness)
2. Prepare to cook rice as you usually would, then add 0.8%salt to the amount of water you added (about 5 grams), also add Konbu seaweed and Mukago. Then cook rice.

    3. Place rice on plate, top with Mitsuba stems. Serve.

  • Preview of the next Ichijyusansai

    Preview of the next Ichijyusansai

    Our next recipe is Shousetsu no zen November 23rd
The temperature has really gone down here in Fukuoka, and you can feel the cold even during the daytime. Winter is coming- Look forward to our next recipe with foods that will warm you right up!!

    On topic today was the things we will miss about autumn. What comes to mind when you think of autumn 2015..

    M-san says「Kabura Turnips・・・」

    H-san says「New Crop Rice!!」


    Y-san says「Momiji maple leaves」

    R-san says 「Art」
    R 予告1