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Ichijyusansai /

Shosho no zen August 23rd


Ishijyusansai and 24 Solar Terms…

Shosho・・・This is when the summer heat cools and you see glimpses of autumn as you see the grain crops begin to bear fruit.

According to the calendar, its already autumn. And in the autumn, there are the Pacific Saury.
We have prepared a course of recipes that make you think of the tasty delights of the fall. Though the hot weather in the daytime makes it difficult to think of autumn already, you can get into the mood by enjoying a few of its tastes first. Savor the luxuries!

All recipes make servings for four.

Menu List

  • Salt grilled pacific saury

    Salt grilled pacific saury
    Salted pacific saury  4 fish
    Grated white radish  Desired amount
    Citrus fruit  Desired amount
    1. Grill the salted pacific saury (7 minutes on one side, then 3 minutes on the other)
    2. Serve on plate with grated white radish and citrus fruit of your choice.

    By making sure to grill the salted pacific saury well and firm, the meat will come off more easily and the organs will be edible ass well.
  • Chawan-mushi (steamed egg custard)

    Chawan-mushi (steamed egg custard)
    Eggs (large size)  4 eggs
    Shiitake mushrooms  2mushrooms
    Prawn shrimp  8prawns
    Ginko nuts  4nuts
    Mitsuba (whole leaves)  4leaves

    Dashi  500cc(please see Shiratsugu Basics)
    Salt  1Teaspoon
    Soy sauce  1Teaspoon
    1. Beat eggs, add (A) and strain
    2. Blanch Shiitake mushrooms, prawns and ginko nuts. Place into each bowl and add strained egg mix from (step 1).
    3. Use flame from a lighter to pop bubbles at surface of each bowl, then top with mistuba leaf.
    4. Use saran wrap to wrap each bowl from (step 3), poke a small hole and steam in a steamer at medium heat for 15 minutes. Serve.

    Using a flame from a lighter or burner to pop the bubbles will give the Chawan-mushi a beautiful finish.
    Do not open the steamer so often while cooking. If you pick up the bowl and the chawan-mushi jiggles, it should be ready to eat.Arranging the chawan-mushi with ingredients of you choice is another fun way to enjoy the dish.
  • Grilled eggplant

    Grilled eggplant
    Eggplant  2eggplant
    Grated ginger  desired amount
    1. Make three or four lengthwise cuts in the eggplant and cook until savory.
    2. Remove the skin once its cooked, cut into easy-to-eat sizes, top with grated ginger, serve.
  • Freshwater clam miso soup

    Freshwater clam miso soup
    Large freshwater clams (regular size is ok too)  12 clams
    Dashi 760cc(please see Shiratsugu Basics)
    Miso  120cc
    Small green onions  Desired amount
    1. Add clams to dash and cook (cook until clams open)
    2. Stir in the miso, top with chopped small green onions and serve.
  • Maitake mushroom steamed rice

    Maitake mushroom steamed rice
    Rice  3cups
    Maitake mushrooms  300g

    Dashi  600cc(please see Shiratsugu Basics)
    Sake  1Tablespoon
    Soy sauce  1Teaspoon
    Mirin seasoning sake  1 Teaspoon
    Salt  1 Teaspoon

    Mitsuba (stems)   Desired amount
    1. Blanch maitake mushrooms and mitsuba stems and strain.
    2. Wash and strain rice, then add (A).
    3. Add Maitake mushrooms cook rice as you usually would. When finished cooking, top with mistuba stems and serve.