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Ichijyusansai /

Risshuu no zen August 8th


Ishijyusansai and 24 Solar Terms…

The beginning of autumn in the Solar calendar. This is one of the hottest times during the year. Though hot during the daytime, you start seeing glimpses of autumn with the cool temperatures at dusk and dawn.

Though risshuu is here it’s still so hot, sometimes it’s hard to work up a good appetite. For this recipe we will be using some very healthy vegetables that are in season like the white gourd, malabar spinach, and edamame (green soybeans). When its too hot to be hungry, it’s important to get the nutrition you need without having to eat too much.

All recipes make servings for four.

Menu List

  • Salt Grilled Barracuda (Zucchini with miso paste garnish)

    Salt Grilled Barracuda (Zucchini with miso paste garnish)
    Barracuda 2 whole fish
    Salt A dash of salt
    1.Fillet the barracuda into three pieces, sprinkle salt, and grill (grill for 5minutes on the skin-side, and 3 minutes on the the other). Serve.

    (How to prepare the barracuda(3 piece fillet))

    1.Remove the scales, cut fish from the belly and remove innards

    2.Remove the head by cutting at an angle (cut from both sides of the fish).

    3.Cut along the backbone of the fish from the belly, and then again from the dorsal side into 2 pieces.

    4.Take the fillet with the backbone, put it backbone side down, cut along the backbone from the dorsal side, then again from the belly side to remove the backbone from the fish.

    5.Remove the bones from both fillets.

    6.You will find bones by tracing along the center of the fillet. remove with tweezers. (this isn't necessary for small fish like sardines)

    (Garnish Zucchini with miso paste)

    Zucchini  1
    Dengaku Miso(Thick Miso)
    Red Miso    50g
    Sugar     20g
    Sake      50cc
    Sesame Oil    1teaspoon

    Poppyseed   Desired amount

    1. Cut Zucchini into 3cm pieces and deep fry without breading or batter (for about 30 seconds)

    2. Add sake and sugar to red miso and boil down until it thickens, then add sesame oil.

    3. Paste Zucchini from step 1 with the Miso from step 2 and sprinkle with poppy seeds.

    Dengaku miso doesn’t have to be made with red miso, but red miso adds a nice acidity which makes it taste great.
  • White gourd and seasoned chicken soboro with thick sauce

    White gourd and seasoned chicken soboro with thick sauce
    White Gourd     1/4Gourd
    Ground Chicken    150g

    Dashi      150cc(please see Shiratsugu Basics)
    Sake      150cc
    Soy Sauce    2 teaspoons
    Sugar      2 tablespoons
    Salt       1 teaspoon

    Dashi      500cc(please see Shiratsugu Basics)
    Soy Sauce       1 teaspoon
    Mirin (seasoning sake) 1 teaspoons
    Salt       1 teaspoon

    potato starch and water  Accordingly
    Green Beans    Desired amount
    Fine strips of green onion Desired amount
    1. Remove the skin from the white gourd and cut the skin side of the gourd in a grid patten(about3㎜×2㎜)
    2. Add water to pot and cook the white gourd until you can poke through with a toothpick. Strain.
    3. Add B to the pot and bring to a boil. Add white gourd and cook for 5 minutes.
    4. Add Ground Chicken and A into the pot and cook. Add Starch and Water to thicken.
    5. Give the green beans a quick boil, then cool in icewater.
    6. Place the cooked white gourd on a plate, top with the chicken and thick sauce, garnish with green beans and green onions. serve.
  • Shimeji Mushrooms and Malabar Spinach in clear soup

    Shimeji Mushrooms and Malabar Spinach in clear soup
    Shimeji Mushrooms   1cluster
    Malabar Spinach  1bunch

    Dashi      250cc(See Shiratsugu Basics)
    Soy Sauce      2 teaspoons
    Mirin seasoning sake   1 teaspoon

    Clear Soup
    Dashi      700cc(please see Shiratsugu Basics)
    Soy Sauce       4~5drops
    Salt       1 teaspoon

    Ohitashiji enough to cover ingredients(please see Shiratsugu Basics)
    Matsuba Yuzu (Yuzu Citron peel cut into fine strips)   accordingly
    1. Cut off the tough part of the Shimeji mushroom stem, break the cluster up and cook with the broth A for 5 minutes and cool.
    2. Boil the Malabar spinach and season it in the Ohitashiji to add flavor.
    3. Place heated Shimeji mushrooms and Malabar spinach in a bowl and add the clear soup. Garnish with Matsuba Yuzu and serve.

    The amount listed for broth A is just for reference. Just enough to immerse the Shimeji will do just fine.
  • Boiled Edamame green soybeans

    Boiled Edamame green soybeans
    Edamame  Desired amount
    Salt and Water Use 8% salt to the amount of water
    1. Cut Edamame beans from the stem
    2. Boil in Salted Water for 5 minutes. Strain and serve.
  • Rice with tiny sardines

    Rice with tiny sardines
    Dried young sardines   50g
    Japanese Peppercorn  5g
    Sake     3 tablespoons
    Mirin seasoning sake   1teaspoon
    Dark soy sauce  2 teapoons
    Rice     3cups
    Ooba Perilla Leaves    Desired amount
    1. Add Sake, Mirin, and Japanese Peppercorn to pot and bring to a boil.
    2. Add Soy sauce and sardines to 1 and boil down until there is no more water left.
    3. Cool down 2, mix sardines with rice, add cut Perilla leaves to taste. Serve.