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Preparing and pickling Luffa sponge gourd

Though usually unfamiliar, once you know how to cook them, Luffa sponge gourds become something tasty, easy, and really useful. They might not be found in every market, but we like this summer vegetable and hope you do too!


1.Knock off top with a knife.
糸瓜2 糸瓜3

2.cut into three pieces (be careful, they can be very hard)
糸瓜4 糸瓜5

3.Use spoon to remove seeds (remove fibers that are around the seeds also)
糸瓜6 糸瓜7

4.Boil in water for 9 minutes
糸瓜8 糸瓜9

5. Cool in ice water.

6.They will naturally break up when immersed in cold water. Use hands to loosen.
糸瓜11 糸瓜12 糸瓜13

7.Remove loosened fibers and strain to finish!

Menu List

  • Pickling Luffa sponge gourd

    Pickling Luffa sponge gourd
    Boiled Luffa sponge gourd  1serving
    Tosa Vinegar       enough to immerse 2 times
                       (please see Shiratsugu Basics)
    Sesame seeds         desired amount
    1.Drain the luffa well and immerse in Tosa Vinegar. (At least 2 hours)
    2.Remove the luffa from step 1 and Drain. immerse in new Tosa vinear again(for at least 2 hours). Place on plate and top with sesame seed, and serve.

    Cooking pointers
    Immersing in Tosa Vinegar once will add flavor, but it will be weak. By immersing it in new vinegar the 2nd time, it will taste much better. It will store well for about a week in the refrigerator.