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Ichijyusansai /

Shousetsu no zen November 23rd


Ishijyusansai and 24 Solar Terms…

Shousetsu・・・While the flatlands slowly become colder and colder, the snow begins to cover the mountain-tops in the northern provinces.

Though some days are still warm, you can feel winter on its way. Food ingredients on our table are changing from autumn to winter. It’s so important to watch out for colds especially when the temperature changes so much like it does now. Enjoy the seasonal ingredients- eat hardy and be healthy.

All recipes make servings for four.

Menu List

  • Kaki Fry

    Kaki Fry
    Oysters 8 Oysters
Shredded cabbage Desired amount to garnish
Lemon slices 4 Slices

    Deep fry batter

    Flour Appropriate amount

    Eggs 1 Egg
    Breadcrumbs Appropriate amount
    1. Dip the oysters into the Flour, Egg, then Breadcrumbs in that order. Deep fry in oil at 180℃

    2. Place shredded cabbage, oysters, lemon slices on dish. Serve.
  • Simmered turnips with miso paste

    Simmered turnips with miso paste
    Turnips If large 2 Turnips

        If small 4 Turnips

    Chestnuts 5 grams

    Yuzu citron Desired amount

    Konbu seaweed 1 Piece

    Mirin seasoning sake 4 Tablespoons

    Salt 1 Tablespoon

    Spoy sauce 2 to 3 drops, to taste

    Chestnut Miso

    Chestnuts 25g

    Sesame Paste 1 Teaspoon

    Peanut oil 20g

    White miso 50g

    Nikiri-zake 2 Teaspoons
    1. If the turnips are large sized, cut in half. If they are small sized, proceed to peel turnip.
    2. Place turnips in pot. Fill pot with enough water to immerse turnips. Add Konbu seaweed. Cook with enough heat, but do not bring to a boil. Cook until you can poke through turnip easily.

    3. Once the turnips are cooked, add mirin, salt, and soy sauce to flavor. Cool the whole pot over ice.
    4. Make Chestnut Miso. Roast chestnuts in oven (10 to 15 minutes at 140℃) then make into paste using a food processor. Add sesame paste, peanut oil, nikiri-zake.
    5. Heat the turnips and chestnut miso. Place turnip on plate and cover with chestnut miso. Sprinkle yuzu citron and serve.

    Cooking tips
    Nikiri-zake is sake with the alcohol evaporated from it. To make nikiri-zake, heat sake in a pot for about five minutes to evaporate alcohol.
    Peanut oil can be substituted with vegetable oil.
  • Red and white vinigared salad

    Red and white vinigared salad
    Carrot 1/2 Carrot
    Daikon 1/2 Daikon

    Salt 2 Teaspoons

    Yuzu citron Desired amount

    Sweet vinegar
Konbu seaweed 1 Piece (about 5g)
Water 300cc

    Vinegar 300cc

    Sugar 200g

    1. Cut daikon and carrots into slices of 1㎝×5㎝, add salt, lather it in, then squeeze to drain water (Four parts daikon to 1 part carrot for better visual presentation). 

    2. Pickle in Sweet Vinegar mixture for 8 hours.

    3. Place on plate, top with needle thin slices of Yuzu peel. Serve.
  • Pork miso soup

    Pork miso soup
    Carrots 1/2 Carrot

    Potatoes 3 Potatoes
    Gobo burdock 1 Gobo
Pork 300g

    Konnyaku 50g

    Dashi(please see Shiratsugu Basics) 1.5 liters

    Miso 200g
    1. Cut carrots into shapes of half-circles. Cut potatoes, gobo, and konnyaku into bite sized chunks.

    2. Add vegetables to the dash then heat. Once the vegetables are cooked, add pork and mix in the miso.

    3. Add your choice of seasoning (ie. Yuzu-gosho pepper, Ichimi, etc.) then serve.
  • Preview of the next Ichijyusansai

    Preview of the next Ichijyusansai
    The next Ichijyusansai is Daisetsu no zen Dec. 7th.
Shiwasu will here before you know it! Only a little more of 2015 is left. We will continue to introduce recipes that use seasonal ingredients.
This picture we have for you this time is one of the recipe tastings that we have for our staff. We prepare and eat the food that is to be served in Shiratsugu next month, discuss possibilities of improvement, then decide what the final menu will be. We know you're wondering what the food looked like, but we thought we should keep that a surprise for when you visit our restaurant! We look forward to seeing you here!