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How to fry tempura


Shiratsugu style tempura uses a light batter and is fried crisp
It always depends on what you’re frying, but whats important is the temperature and the finish of the batter.

Tempura flour – 50g
Ice Water – 75cc

Make the batter by combining flour and ice water. Don’t mix, but rather mesh together.
Cover ingredients with flour (this makes it easier for the batter to stick to the ingredients. this is not necessary for frying vegetables)
Briskly cover with batter (step 1) and take care not to add too much batter. Fry in oil at 180degrees. Serve. (180degrees is approximately when chopsticks bubble when inserted into oil).

Watch out as you mesh together the flour and ice water in step one. If you mix too much, the gluten in the batter becomes sticky and the batter becomes lumpy and heavy. Ice water is used in the recipe to avoid lumpiness and heaviness,