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Ichijyusansai /

Taisho no zen July 23th


Ishijyusansai and 24 Solar Terms…

Right around Midsummer. The hot sumer months are finally here.
It is said that during this season eating foods that begin with the letter「U」will keep you from becoming sick.

The recipe for this term simple and easy, just the way you want it to be on a hot summer day. Having eel during this season will give you strength. Even eel from the local supermarket will look and taste great with this recipe.

All recipes make servings for four.

Menu List

  • Eel boiled and bound with egg

    Eel boiled and bound with egg
    Grilled Eel (from the supermarket is fine)-1
    Grilled Eggplant-1
    Mitsuba Japanese wild parsley-desired amount   
    DashiJiru500cc(please see Shiratsugu Basics)
    Soy sauce-1Teaspoon
    Mirin (seasoning sake)-2Tablespoons
    1.Wash off the sauce from the eel and wipe off water
    2.Cut the Eel and eggplant into 2 cm pieces
    3.Put “A” into a pot and boil. In a smaller pot, put in one serving of “A” (about 120cc), 3 pieces of eel, and 2 pieces of eggplant
    4.Heat the smaller pot, when it begins to boil, add the egg and top with Mitsuba to finish.
    5.Cooking pointers This is very similar to making oyako-don
  • Tempura Fried Shiba shrimp and Okra

    Tempura Fried Shiba shrimp and Okra
    Shiba Shrimp-16
    Sudachi cirus fruit-2

    Tempura Batter
    Tempura flour-50g
    1. Remove head from Shiba Shrimp, wash the okra and trim the stem end. (Do this without cutting the pod itself).
    2. Make tempura batter, dip shrimp and okra in batter and deep fry.
    3. Serve with Sudachi citrus and salt.
  • Cold Udon Noodles

    Cold Udon Noodles
    Udon Noodles-200g

    Condiments for Udon
    Small green onion-desired amount
    Grated Ginger-desired amount
    Chopped Seaweed-desired amount

    Udon Noodle Soup-400cc
    1. Cook Udon noodles, cool with water. drain and put on plate.
    2. Serve with the condiments and udon noodle soup. Enjoy!